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We do everything possible to minimize costs so that we can use our funds to directly support the rescue of dogs. 


How We Use Our Donations

Medical care for dogs is our single largest expense. These abandoned dogs are vaccinated, heartworm tested, de-wormed and given flea and tick treatments during their initial vet screening. Older dogs are spayed or neutered. We commonly help dogs afflicted with parvo (a deadly virus that can kill a puppy within days), coccidia (a very treatable intestinal parasite), heartworm, mange and lice. With some dogs it has also been necessary to extend expensive and prolonged veterinary care for rehabilitation.

We do everything possible to minimize costs so that we can use our funds to directly support the rescue of dogs. Currently, our only administrative overhead is our very costly liability insurance; we have secured pro bono accounting. We arrange for free transportation, moving the dogs from shelters to foster homes and adoptive families. As a last resort, when volunteer transports are not available, we utilize commercial animal transport services. However, 95% of our transportation is donated, but requires volunteers to drive or fly hundreds of miles uncompensated in what resembles an “underground railroad” for rescued animals. We also utilize Pilots N Paws, an organization that consists of private pilots who donate their time, planes and gas to fly rescued animals from state to state.

Upon reaching their destinations, SAVE A DOG A DAY supports the needs of foster families by offering food and medical care for all rescued dogs.

Dogs, for a reason that can only be described as divine, have the ability to forgive, let go of the past, and live each day joyously. It’s something the rest of us strive for.
— Jennifer Skiff, "The Divinity of Dogs"

Donations Are Used to Fund the Following:

  • Kill Shelter Pull Fees
  • Emergency Medical Care 
  • Initial Vet Screenings
  • Vaccinations
  • Spaying and Neutering
  • Liability Insurance 
  • Commercial Animal Transport Services
  • Food and Medical Care while being Fostered

All donations made on this site will go directly towards saving a life, not overhead costs. Every dollar makes a difference.